Kelly Guimont
Kelly is a longtime Apple geek, sitting down (on a telephone book) in front of an Apple IIe in 1983. She can still hear the ticking of the ImageWriter in the back of her head. While lining Jobs & Wozniak’s pockets buying up every conceivable piece of Apple-branded paraphernalia, Kelly became a passionate Macintosh support and IT professional. After a hard day of saving the world and collecting non-winning aluminum foil yogurt lids, Kelly appears on various podcasts and shoots her mouth off in 140 characters or less. She is one of the regular hosts of the TUAW Talkcast, appearing live from her House of Crackpot theories.  If you are lucky, you can catch the TUAWTF Aftershow where callers discuss a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, what they are wearing, who they are wearing it with and why Hunt the Wumpus was never ported to the Apple II systems.

Articles By Kelly Guimont

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