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Adobe makes it easier to collaborate on video production thanks to Frame.io

After Effects finally offers native M1 Mac support, too.
Video collaboration in Adobe Creative Cloud using Frame.io
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|April 12, 2022 12:14 PM

Remote collaboration on video has been virtually necessary for some producers since the pandemic began, and Adobe thinks it can help. The company has added Frame.io collaboration tools for Creative Cloud subscribers to help Premiere Pro and After Effects users share work and obtain feedback. You can upload up to 100GB to a dedicated space where colleagues can download in-progress edits, provide time-stamped commentary (including drawings) and approve changes.

The addition also includes a "Camera to Cloud" feature that can upload video directly from compatible cameras. You could remotely review raw shots long before the production crew has finished filming, in other words. Frame.io is available starting today, and should be available in the latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects as long as they're included in your Creative Cloud plan.

Adobe has some notable upgrades to the apps themselves. For a start, After Effects finally has native support for M1-based Macs — the company is claiming up to twice the rendering speed versus a 10-core iMac Pro, among other performance improvements. You can also expect redesigned import, export and header bar interfaces in Premiere Pro, as well as AI-based editing tools in both apps (auto color correction in Premiere, scene edits in After Effects).

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Adobe makes it easier to collaborate on video production thanks to Frame.io