An AI is livestreaming a never-ending bass solo on YouTube

Dadabots trained the neural network with a two-hour improvisation from YouTuber Adam Neely.

Even the most dedicated musicians have to put down their instruments sometimes, but on YouTube, you can listen to a bass solo that keeps going and going. Dadabots, which is also behind an endless death metal stream, used a recurrent neural network (RNN) to create a YouTube stream featuring an infinite bass solo.

The Dadabots team, CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, trained the RNN with two hours of bass improvisation from YouTuber Adam Neely. After some trial and error, Carr and Zukowski limited the dataset to mainly faster licks because the RNN likes fast tempos. That improved the overall sound quality, according to Dadabots, and it means that the AI generates lots of frenetic bass playing.

Dadabots notes that, sometimes, it sounds as though two basses are playing simultaneously because of high temperature values. If the AI's energetic, fast-paced licks catch your interest, you can sample the audio under a CC-BY license.