'Alien' is coming to 'Dead by Daylight'

It introduces the Xenomorph as a Killer and Ellen Ripley as a Survivor.

Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight has a new Killer in town, and it's one all horror fans know (and likely fear): the Xenomorph. Behaviour Interactive has released all of the details of its new Alien collaboration following a teaser that provided a glimpse into the new Nostromo Wreckage Map. The announcement confirmed not only the Xenomorph's role as Dead by Daylight's latest Killer but also the introduction of Ellen Ripley as a Survivor.

This edition introduces seven Control Stations, a new Map feature that allows Survivors to get a Remote Flame Turret (another addition), which they can use to stagger the Xenomorph — though the Killer can destroy the tool. It can also stop the Xenomorph's unique Power known as Runner Mode, which lets it walk on four legs and shrinks its Terror Radius.

The control stations sit on top of tunnels that the Xenomorph can enter and exit through. "Creating the Xenomorph's Tunnel system was very challenging as we had never created a sublevel that could only be accessible to the Killer. This new mechanic grants it Map-wide mobility and definitely amps up the scare factor – which feels very connected to the original character," said Janick Neveu, Game Designer on Dead by Daylight.

You don't have to wait long to wander through the Nostromo Wreckage in total fear (a perfect nighttime game, right?) as Dead by Daylight: Alien will be available across platforms starting August 29th. Impatient? You can already download the game's Public Test Build and try it out early.