Looks like the Xenomorph from Alien will be Dead by Daylight's next killer

More details about the survival horror game's next crossover will be revealed next week.

20th Century Studios/Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is bringing yet another classic horror franchise to Dead by Daylight. Not long after the publisher added Nicolas Cage to the game as a playable character, Behaviour revealed in a teaser video that a crossover with the Alien series is coming very soon.

The clip includes several shots of what looks like the Nostromo, the spaceship from the original movie, as the Alien logo is gradually revealed. That suggests the chapter includes a new map set on the ship. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the iconic Xenomorph is featured as well. Given the terrifying creature's troubled history with humans and the fact it lunges toward the camera here, the smart money is on the Xenomorph being the game's latest killer.

According to the DbD roadmap, Behaviour plans to release a new chapter this month, suggesting the Alien DLC is only a few weeks away at most. The roadmap also indicates the chapter includes a survivor. What are the odds that individual turns out to be Ripley? In any case, we won't have to wait long to find out, as more details about the Alien chapter will be revealed on August 8th.

Dead by Daylight has many original survivors, killers and maps, but crossovers with major horror franchises help to bring more attention to the game. Over the years, Behaviour has secured collaborations with the likes of The Ring, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Stranger Things, to name but a few.