Alexa can alert you to upcoming deals on Amazon

You can even tell Amazon's AI to buy the deal for you.

Nicole Lee/Engadget

You won't have to camp in front of a screen the next time you want to take advantage of an imminent Amazon sale. The company has updated Alexa with a Prime-only feature that alerts you to the availability of an Amazon deal up to 24 hours in advance as long as the relevant item is in your cart, saved for later or on your wish list. You can also remind Alexa to notify you when the deal is live, or even have the assistant buy the item when the deal takes effect.

You can enable the feature by leaving products in the relevant lists. If there's a deal, you'll see Alexa's familiar yellow light or pop-up notification.

Access to the deal alerts is relatively limited. Prime customers need to live in the US and use a "newer generation" Echo speaker. Still, this could be helpful if there's something you really want but refuse to buy at full price — you now just have to wait for Alexa's heads-up.