OnStar emergency services will be available through Alexa starting in October

GM will roll out the OnStar Guardian skill to all members in 2022.

Jordan Pay

GM will soon allow OnStar subscribers to contact emergency services through Alexa smart speakers. The company is bringing the OnStar Guardian Alexa skill to Amazon devices in the coming months.

If you need emergency assistance, you're an OnStar member and the skill is active, you can say “Alexa, call for help.” OnStar emergency-certified advisors can then call police or EMTs for you. Alexa devices don't support 911 calls otherwise, but you can set up an emergency contact.

GM plans to gradually roll out the skill, which will only be available in the US. Some existing OnStar customers will gain access in October, according to CNBC, and the skill will reach in-home Alexa devices more broadly in 2022.

The automaker hasn't announced pricing yet. The OnStar Guardian mobile app costs $15 per month.

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