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Early Cyber Monday deals knock 20 percent off the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

Amazon Cyber Monday 2023 is live a day early with big gaming deals on Elgato and Corsair gear.

Elgato / Engadget

Black Friday may be over, but many of the best tech deals seem to be carrying over into Cyber Monday 2023. Elgato gear is included in some of the best Cyber Monday gaming deals you can get right now: the company's Stream Deck MK.2 is 20 percent off as part of a Corsair gaming sale at Amazon. Plus, there's an additional $10 coupon you can clip to bring the final price down to $110, which is the best we've seen. The Stream Deck is one of our recommended accessories for streamers. It's also useful for other creators like podcasters, as well as anyone who carries out the same tasks over and over on their desktop system.

Save 20 percent on the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2, and clip a coupon to bring the final price down to $110.

$110 at Amazon

The Stream Deck MK.2 (not to be confused with Valve's Steam Deck) is a highly customizable desktop controller. You can set up a Stream Deck to fire up your streaming software, simultaneously start a stream and let social media followers know you're going live, mute your mic and change your lighting. If you enjoy annoying your friends, you could use the device as a soundboard too.

The Stream Deck is useful for other purposes as well. You can, for instance, set up macros with AutoHotkey on Windows and Shortcuts on Mac to boost your productivity across a wide range of apps. Alternatively, you can use the 15 LCD hotkeys to control music playback, set timers for focused work sessions, trigger actions through IFTTT, change your Slack status, jump into your favorite Discord channel or paste in a lengthy phrase of text that you frequently use. The possibilities are almost endless.

Meanwhile, the Stream Deck+ has dropped to an all-time-low of $170. That's $30 off the usual price.

This model has eight LCD hotkeys and four dials that offer users more refined control over a variety of functions. You can finely adjust the volume of your headphones or mic, the brightness of connected smart lights or the zoom level of your webcam, for instance. The Stream Deck+ has a touchscreen that displays what each dial does. You can also use this to swipe between different pages of hotkey functions.

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