Get two 10-inch Echo Show displays for the price of one

It might be what you need to get your smart home started.

Nicole Lee/Engadget

Update 6/13/2020: Amazon is now matching this deal. Customers can get two Echo Shows for $230 by using the code SHOW2PK at checkout.

Best Buy is making it easier than usual to outfit your home with smart displays. It’s running a sale on Amazon’s second-generation, 10-inch Echo Show that offers two units for the price of one, or $230. This could give you an easy way to video chat with distant family, a recipe guide in the kitchen or a bedside video viewer.

Buy Amazon Echo Show (2-pack) on Best Buy - $230

The display quality of the second-gen model is merely average, but that big screen still makes it ideal for catching up on shows or checking information from afar. And more importantly, this Echo Show has surprisingly good sound quality — in some ways, this is a quality Echo speaker that just happens to have a display. You’ll have to be deep in Alexa’s ecosystem to make the most of its features, but there’s a lot to like.

The catches are mostly intrinsic to the design. A 10-inch display isn’t small. You might be better off with a device like the Echo Show 5 if you’re just hoping for a connected alarm clock. It’s not for people who expect to rely heavily on Google services and Nest devices. And if you’re anxious about a device with a camera, this won’t be for you. If these aren’t deal-breakers, though, this larger Echo Show is up to the job.

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