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Amazon's Echo Show 5 is back on sale for $50

That's $5 more than its Prime Day price, but this deal isn't exclusive to Prime members.


If you've had your eye on the new Echo Show 5 but weren't able to grab one on Prime Day, the diminutive smart display is back on sale for $50. While we saw the device go for $5 less during Amazon's sales event, that deal was exclusive to Prime members. This $40 discount is open to everyone and marks the second-lowest price we've seen since the display arrived in May. The Kids version of the display is also on sale for $60, though that's $10 more it was on Prime Day.

This deal is $5 more than the all-time low we saw during Prime Day, but it's the best price we've seen outside of that, and it isn't exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers.

$50 at Amazon

Though we haven't reviewed this third-gen version of the Echo Show 5, the device is a largely iterative update over its predecessor, which was a pick in our guide to the best smart displays. The new version should still function best as a smart alarm clock, as its 5.5-inch panel is a more natural fit on a bedside table than the larger Echo Show models. Its ambient light sensor automatically lowers the screen's brightness when it's dark, while a tap-to-snooze function lets you smack the top of the device for a few more minutes of rest. It's still an Echo, so it can also stream music, pull up weather info, control smart home devices and do other Alexa-related tasks. And while no device like this is ideal for the privacy-conscious, there's at least a physical camera shutter and a mic mute button.

The new Echo Show 5 slightly improves the processor and speaker system, though it still won't be as fast or full-sounding as the Echo Show 8, our chief recommendation for those who want an Alexa smart display. (That 8-inch display is now available for $75, which is $15 more than its Prime Day price.) Likewise, the 2-megapixel camera is mediocre for video calls, and the 960 x 480 resolution display is far from luxurious for viewing photos. Still, if you regularly use Alexa, have limited space and want to pay as little as possible for a competent display, the Echo Show 5 makes sense at this price.

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