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The best deals on Echo Dots for Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon’s most compact smart speaker is cheaper than ever.

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The Echo Dot may be a smaller version of Amazon’s standard smart speaker, but thanks to its combination of Alexa smarts and affordability, it’s one of Amazon’s best-selling Echo devices. The company currently has three versions in the Dot lineup: the standard Echo Dot, the Echo Dot with clock, and the Echo Dot Kids, all of which were updated in 2022. Prime Day sales are bringing all three to their lowest prices ever. The savings also extend to other Echo devices, with discounts on Echo Shows, the Echo Studio and the new Echo Pop. Here are the best Prime Day deals on Echo Dots and other Echo devices we could find.

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Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022)

Photo by Amy Skorheim / Engadget

Our favorite smart speaker under $50 is now 54 percent off for Prime Day, making it just $23. Since they pair up for stereo sound, you may be tempted to get two. 

$23 at Amazon

The latest Echo Dot is down to an all-time low of $23 for Prime Day and 53 discount over its usual $50 price tag. Engadget named it the best smart speaker under $50 in our buyer’s guide because it produces louder and clearer sound than you’d expect from such a small device. It also delivers all of your Alexa-enabled perks, like answering questions, controlling your smart home and reminding you it’s time to water the houseplants. At this price, you could get two and pair them for improved stereo sound.

Echo Dot with clock

The Echo Dot with clock could make for a good alarm clock for your bedside table since it has a clock and snooze button — plus all of Alexa's skills and tricks. Prime day is discounting it by 50 percent for Prime members. 

$30 at Amazon

The Echo Dot with clock is now just $30 for Prime members instead of $60, which is the lowest price we've tracked since this new model came out in 2022. As the name suggests, this smart speaker has all the features of the Echo Dot, but with an LED clock readout. That may make it a candidate for your nightstand where it can stand in for your alarm clock.

Echo Dot Kids

The kids edition of the Echo Dot speaker offers music and smart home control to kids, while adding an extra layer of safety with parental controls and kid-focused Alexa responses. it also includes a free year of kids audio books and stories via Amazon Kids+.

$28 at Amazon

The kids edition of the Echo Dot has been discounted to $28. It’s usually $60 and comes in either an owl theme or a purple dragon exterior. The version of Alexa that comes in Amazon's kid-focused devices is customized to give more educational answers, offer homework help, and give age-appropriate answers. The Echo Dot Kids also includes a year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which lets kids access stories, audiobooks, games, special Alexa skills and the “hey Disney” feature that responds in various character voices.

Echo Dot with Darth Vader stand

The Sith Lord stand, bundled with an Echo Dot smart speaker is 41 percent off for Prime Day.

$63 at Amazon

If you're a Star Wars fan, you may want your Echo Dot bundled with a themed stand. The best deal is for a bundle featuring The Mandalorian's ever-so-adorable Baby Grogu for $46, or 41 percent off — that's less than the normal price of the speaker by itself. You can also buy a Darth Vader bundle for $63 (30 percent off), and a Stormtrooper kit for the same price.

Echo (4th gen)

The larger Echo speaker puts out a surprising amount of sound for its size and now it's 45 percent off for Prime Day. 

$55 at Amazon

Amazon’s flagship smart speaker, the Echo, is on sale for $55 after a 45 percent discount off its usual $100. That's not quite as low as it went for Black Friday, but it's only about $10 more. This is the standard Echo device, which first came out in 2014 and has since been updated numerous times. The company released the latest generation in 2020 and it’s presently Engadget’s favorite smart speaker under $100, thanks to a redesign that made music quality the main focus. It has a more advanced speaker setup than the similarly priced Nest Audio or HomePod mini, which also makes it louder.

Echo Pop

Prime Day is giving the brand new Echo Dot its first discount — making it 55 percent off and down to $18. 

$18 at Amazon

The latest addition to the Echo lineup is the Echo Pop, and Prime Day is giving it a 55 percent discount, making it just $18 instead of $40. The Echo Pop was unveiled a few months ago and looks a lot like someone cut an Echo Dot in half. We haven’t tested out the new speaker yet, but it seems like an affordable way to bring casual music play and Alexa’s help to small spaces.

Echo Studio

Photo by Billy Steele / Engadget

Prime members can get the audio-focused Echo Studio for $155 instead of $200. That matches its all-time low price. 

$155 at Amazon

Amazon’s largest smart speaker, the Echo Studio, doesn't go on sale often. But right now, it's on sale for $155, which is a 23 percent discount and matches the lowest it's ever gone for. This speaker was designed to deliver better audio quality than the other Echos and we gave it an 88 in our review, impressed with the hi-res sound it delivered. It’s not a small speaker at 7.7 pounds and over eight inches tall, but it uses all that space to do justice to your playlists.

Echo Show 5

The new Echo Show 5 is currently half price for Prime Day, which is the lowest price this generation of the smart display has gone for yet.

$45 at Amazon

If you want more than just a speaker, you can add visuals to the mix with a smart display. The Echo Show 5 is the smallest display in Amazon’s lineup and was updated for 2023. Right now it’s down to $45 which is half off the usual $90. We think it makes sense as a bedside display/alarm clock as the five inch screen is good for showing weather and other data at a glance, plus it has a handy snooze button up top.

Echo Show 5 Kids

The kids version of Amazon's most compact smart display layers parental controls and comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, which has lots of kid-focused videos, games, ebooks and other content. Right now it's down to $50 for Prime Day.

$50 at Amazon

Prime Day is discounting the Echo Show 5 kids to $50, instead of the $100 sticker price. The new kids edition of the display looks a lot like the standard Show 5, but comes with a space-themed fabric exterior, parental controls and a year of Amazon Kids+ for free. The subscription includes lots of kid-appropriate videos, ebooks, stories and other content that can be played from the display and also lets kids use Amazon’s “Hey Disney” feature that can respond using Disney character voices.

Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 has an eight-inch screen we think is ideal for looking at recipes in the kitchen. Right now it's more than half off for Prime Day. 

$60 at Amazon

The Echo Show 8 has a more generous screen real estate and has been discounted to $60, which is a steep, 54 percent discount for Prime Day and even cheaper than it sold for on Black Friday. We think the Show 8 is the best Amazon smart display because it finds the balance of being useful while staying unobtrusive. The camera quality is “fantastic” for video calls and the speakers deliver deep bass and a rich tone. Plus when you're not actively using it, the screen can act as a digital photo frame.

Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 smart display sits on a stand that can swivel to face you. Amazon is selling it for a 35 percent discount for Prime Day, which beats its previous lowest price by $7. 

$163 at Amazon

The Echo Show 10 is down to $163 for Prime Day after a 35 percent discount off its street price of $250. The bigger Echo Show 10 comes on a swiveling base that can track you as you move about the room, keeping you in frame for video calls and turning in your direction when you ask Alexa a question. Once you get over the initial creepiness, you may find the feature useful for displaying recipes as you cook like we did. Of course, if it never stops discomfiting you, you can always turn the tracking off.

Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 straddles the line between smart display and smart TV — so it controls your smart home and also comes with a remote so you can more easily watch your shows. Prime Day is knocking $98 off the price of the display and Alexa remote. 

$182 at Amazon

The biggest of Amazon’s smart displays is the Echo Show 15. The device with the Alexa voice remote is on sale for $182 for Prime Day, and normally sells for $280. The remote is helpful as the Show 15 straddles the line between a smart display and a smart TV. It runs Amazon’s Fire TV interface, so you can stream as you would on those devices. As a smart display, it acts as a conduit for Alexa’s smarts, offers controls for your smart home, and displays widgets like the weather, reminders and your calendar.

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