Amazon Fire TV's free news app now boasts stations in 88 cities

Watch local news from Detroit, Phoenix, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, and Orlando.

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Amazon Fire TV news
Amazon Fire TV news Amazon

Amazon's free Fire TV news app introduced local coverage late last year with just a dozen channels that served larger municipalities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Today, it's ramping up its coverage across 88 cities with more than 120 total channels — provided by the regional divisions of ABC, CBSN, TEGNA, Cox, The E.W. Scripps Company and Altice USA — in a bid to cater to a larger portion of the news-watching public.

The new areas include: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, Fayetteville, Fresno, Fort Myers, Grand Rapids, Great Falls, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Lafayette, Memphis, Nashville, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, St. Louis, Tucson, Tulsa, Orlando and Washington, DC, among others.

Though it still doesn't match the 275 news stations on the long-running NewsON app (also available on Fire TV, along with Roku), Amazon's app has a slight advantage as it comes preinstalled on its platform. You can also start it up via Alexa on the Fire TV voice remote or an Echo speaker.

Correction, 5:30PM ET: This story originally said that Amazon's free Fire TV news app offered 88 total channels. It now offers more than 120 channels in 88 cities. 

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