Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite leaks ahead of tomorrow's hardware event

It’s either a replacement for the $30 2019 model or an even cheaper version.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

Amazon is expected to reveal new devices at its big Alexa hardware event tomorrow. Thanks to a leak, we’re pretty sure a new Fire TV Stick Lite will be one of them. Zatz Not Funny! points out WinFuture’s images of the Lite, along with accessories like a new Alexa voice remote.

The Lite looks pretty similar to its predecessors, but the Alexa voice remote appears to be missing a volume rocker. As Zatz Not Funny! notes, this could be a way to reduce hardware costs or support expenses. The remote also has a new live TV button. It’s unclear if the Lite is a replacement for the $30 2019 model or an even cheaper one with a lower, 1080p resolution. Either way, the Fire TV Stick Lite should be very affordable.

As we reported earlier this month, Amazon is expected to reveal new Eero WiFi 6 routers soon. Those will likely come in three models: The Eero Pro 6, Eero 6 Gateway and Eero 6 Extender. There’s a good chance we’ll see those devices at tomorrow’s event, too.

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