Amazon HQ employees can work from home until 'at least' October

It has committed to deep cleans and face masks for those who come in.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Amazon’s Seattle headquarters is likely to be a lot emptier than usual until the fall, according to a new report from the Seattle Times. The e-commerce giant has reportedly told corporate staff that they have the option of working from home “at least until October 2nd.” As part of a commitment to enforce social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19, Amazon told the paper it was also working to protect those who do come in to the office.

Jeff Bezos' mega-corporation added that it was handing out grants and reliefs to small businesses that sit in the shadow of its South Lake Union and Bellevue campuses. And Amazon’s CFO has said that, despite the shelter-in-place orders, progress on new Amazon devices, services and content, has not slowed down. That stands in contrast to the experience in Amazon's distribution network, where employees have been told that if they want to remain at home, they must request a leave of absence.