Get an Echo Dot plus two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $21

Only those new to Amazon's music service can get this deal.


Update 7/27/2020 8:50AM ET: Amazon is now offering a similar deal on the Echo Dot with Clock. You can get the Echo Dot with Clock plus two months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $30, which means the smart speaker only costs $10 in this bundle. If you’re a Prime member, the price appears a bit cheaper as well — only $26 in total.

Amazon has a new way that you can get an Echo Dot at a very cheap price. Right now, new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can get two months of the service and an Echo Dot for only $21. That breaks down to two months of Music Unlimited at the standard $10-per-month price and the Echo Dot for only $0.99 extra. This is a great deal considering the Echo Dot is normally $50 on its own, and the last time it dropped to its all-time-low of $22 was on Black Friday.

Buy Echo Dot bundle at Amazon - $21

Aside from the Echo Flex adapter, the Echo Dot is the smallest Alexa device you can get from Amazon. The hockey-puck sized smart speaker earned a score of 87 from us for its surprisingly strong audio quality, easy to use hardware buttons and the built-in 3.5mm audio jack for connecting external speakers. The latter two features give the Echo Dot an edge over Google’s Nest Mini smart speaker, too. Alexa can also do a host of things now that go beyond basic weather updates and calendar alerts. The Echo Dot makes a good first smart speaker, or a secondary device you can place in another part of your home.

Amazon Music Unlimited is the online retailer’s answer to Spotify and Apple Music. With it, you can listen to all of the songs and playlists you want without advertisements and download tracks to your devices for offline listening. It integrates nicely with Echo devices as well, so you can ask Alexa on the Echo Dot to play music at your leisure. Just keep track of time if you get this deal: after your first two months, Music Unlimited will auto-renew at the standard $10 monthly cost.

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