Amazon's palm-reading payment tech is now available in New York City

There's just one store for now.


You no longer have to shop in Washington state to use Amazon's palm-reading technology. MarketWatchreports that Amazon has introduced One to New York City, making the biometric authentication available in the Amazon Go store at 11 West 42nd Street. It functions just like it did before. Once you've signed up, you just need to hover your palm above a reader to enter the store and approve your purchases. You don't have to touch a thing besides the goods you're buying.

The company is also promising to bring Amazon One to more Seattle-area and Washington state locations. Most "coming soon" locations on Amazon's product page are for Whole Foods grocery stores.

One still doesn't have much of a footprint (palmprint?) with just 21 locations either active or confirmed. The NYC expansion brings it to a new audience, though, and might help Amazon sell One to third-party retailers and other companies that are undecided on using palm recognition. Just don't expect it to become commonplace any time soon.