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Amazon Prime Day deals on Apple Watch and smartwatches hit their lowest prices yet

We've included October Prime day deals on our recommended smartwatches for iPhone and Android users alike.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

This is the last day of Amazon's Prime Day sale of 2023 and all three models of the Apple Watch lineup are still seeing discounts as of right now. Apple just announced the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at its iPhone event last month, but it's already $50 off for Prime, which is its lowest price yet. The other new wearable from Cupertino is the Apple Watch Series 9. That one is seeing a modest, $9 discount, but that's not surprising for as new as it is. The budget model, the Apple Watch SE, wasn't given a new iteration this time around, so the newest is still the second generation SE, which is down to $199 instead of its $250 MSRP. We've also included smartwatch deals from Samsung, Google and Withings, just in case you're not an iPhone user (or have an Android user on your holiday gift list). Here are the best Prime Day deals on Apple Watches and smartwatches we could find this Prime Big Deal Days.

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Apple Watch Ultra 2

The second-gen device will keep the same 49-millimeter form factor as the original, but offers some significant upgrades

$799 at Amazon
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$800 at Target

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the brand’s newest high-end watch and has the same list price as last year’s model, which is $799. For Amazon’s sale, it’s down to $749 or $50 off, which is a new low. The new Ultra has the same S9 SiP (system-in-package) as the Series 9, which allows for on-board processing of Siri requests and will help offer more intuitive answers to questions about your health and activity data. The Ultra 2 comes with GPS and cellular connectivity and has a large 49mm case to accommodate its always-on Retina display and battery with a claimed 36-hour lifespan. Engadget's Cherlynn Low particularly liked the new Modular Ultra watchface, which manages to make the most of the watch’s vast screen real estate.

Oddly, Apples first generation Apple Watch Ultra is not on sale for Prime Day. It's still full price at $799 at Amazon right now, which means there's very little reason not to go for the newest model if you've been thinking about getting Apple's most premium wearable.

Read our thoughts from our hands-on with the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple Watch Series 9

The Series 9 is a capable, well-rounded smartwatch that remains the best in the category.

$390 at Amazon
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$409 at Walmart$600 at HSN

It only arrived last month, but the new Apple Watch 9 has already handily beaten out other contenders for the top spot in our guide to the best smartwatches. And now it’s on sale for $9 off the list price, thanks to Amazon’s second Prime Day. It's a modest discount, but likely the largest you'll find on a Apple's brand new flagship wearable. That makes the 41mm case $390 and the 45mm size $420 instead of $429 on Apple's site. One of the most notable updates to this model is the upcoming Double Tap feature that will let you answer calls or dismiss an alarm just by tapping your thumb and forefinger together.

Now that the Apple Watch Series 8 is no longer the brand’s most recent model, it’s seeing a significant discount. The list price is $399 for the 41mm GPS model, but the sale brings it down to $300 which is nearly $100 off.

Read Engadget's full review of the Apple Watch 9 and the usefulness of Double Tap.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE 40mm model is currently on sale for an all-time-low price of $199.

$189 at Amazon
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$189 at Walmart$249 at Adorama

Apple didn’t release a new version of the Apple Watch SE, which makes the second generation the current budget watch in the brand’s official lineup. It’s usually $250 for the GPS-only model and 40mm case but October’s Prime sale brings that base model down to $199. If you want more room on the screen, you can grab the 44mm version, which is usually $270 but down to $229 during the sale.

In our Engadget review, we called the SE “the best smartwatch $250 can buy." It doesn’t have the new Double Tap and on-board Siri features of the new watches, and it's missing a few of the sensors you get with the higher-end models, such as blood oxygen, temperature sensing and EKG readings. You also don’t get an always-on-display.

Here's our review of the Apple Watch SE (second gen).

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung's flagship smartwatch hasn't been available long but can be picked up at a $30 discount. 

$224 at Amazon
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$240 at Adorama$275 at Staples

For those who don’t carry an iPhone, the Galaxy Watch 6 is our favorite Android smartwatch. Samsung’s latest wearable was released a few months ago and typically goes for $300, but is down to $269 during Amazon’s sale. It’s lighter than the previous model with a brighter display, better battery life and a processor upgrade. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic returns the spinning bezel which Samsung removed on the Watch 5. That model usually sells for $400, but the sale brings it down to $369 instead.

Engadget’s Malak Saleh gave the Galaxy Watch 6 an 84 in her review, noting the expansion of the wellness and health features — though many of those updates simply bring the Galaxy Watch 6 up to the standards of its competitors like Apple Watch and Google’s Pixel wearables. Still it's a comfortable, well-designed wearable with customizable workout routines that will give you a good amount of health data.

Here's our full review of the Galaxy Watch 6.

Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch can now be picked up at an all-time low of $210.

$180 at Amazon
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$180 at Kohl's$280 at Google Store NA

The Google Pixel Watch 2 was announced last week and will ship this Thursday. That's probably why the first generation of the Google Pixel Watch is 40 percent off. That brings it to $210 and an all-time low. While we liked the overall design, we found the rather short battery life concerning. Since the newer generation promises a slightly larger battery and more efficient use of it, you may want to go with the Google Pixel Watch 2, which we had a moment to try out during Google's event. But it looks like that one isn't discounted for Amazon's sale and is currently selling for the full $350.

Here's our review of the first generation Google Pixel Watch.  

Withings Steel

The hybrid watch is usually $200, but the Prime sale brings it down to $160.

$160 at Amazon

You can get the look of a classic analog watch combined with the health tracking features of a smartwatch by opting for Withings Steel HR Sport. The hybrid watch is usually $200, but the Prime sale brings it down to $160. Instead of displaying your health and workout stats on the watchface, the Steel HR Sport sends everything to the companion app on your phone. It can track heart rate, activities and workouts as well as monitor your sleep. Since it has no screen, Withings claims the battery can go for up to 25 days on a charge.

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