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Amazon sale discounts Western Digital and SanDisk storage by up to 53 percent

SSDs, microSD cards and hard drives are among the products discounted.


A variety of storage products are on sale from SanDisk and its parent company, Western Digital, including the SanDisk microSD Extreme for Mobile Gaming. The small but mighty 256GB card has a 21 percent discount, dropping the price from $28 to $22. This memory size (along with the slightly reduced 64GB and 128GB options) has A2 app performance for quicker recall, with a minimum random read speed of 4,000 IOPS. The SanDisk 256GB microSD's Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition is also on sale, down to $28 from $50 — a 44 percent price cut.

Other discounted SanDisk products include the 512GB Extreme PRO Flash Drive, with a 28 percent drop bringing the price from $97.52 to $70. The flash drive works at speeds up to 420MB per second for reading and 380MB per second for writing while transferring photos and videos to a Mac or PC. It also offers RescuePRO for retrieving any accidentally deleted data. If you need extra storage, the 1TB version is 45 percent off at $117.

Western Digital, which acquired SanDisk for $19 billion in 2015, has discounts on an even larger storage device — its 2TB WD_BLACK D30 Game SSD Portable External Drive. The two-and-a-half inch Game Drive for Xbox is 45 percent off, bringing its cost down from $290 to $160. The price also includes one month of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. It can store an average of 50 games and works at speeds up to 900MB per second. If you also want compatibility with a Playstation or PC, that model has a slightly smaller discount, with a 33 percent drop bringing the price to $180.

  • SanDisk and Western Digital storage devices sale on Amazon

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