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Amazon's smart thermostat is back down to $42 for Black Friday

That matches an all-time low for the basic smart-home device.


If you want smart temperature controls without breaking the bank, you may want to look at the Amazon Smart Thermostat, on sale right now for $42. That's 30 percent off its retail price of $60, matching an all-time low. Considering the thermostat is much cheaper than its big-name competitors even when it isn't on sale, this Black Friday deal provides an unparalleled bang for your buck.

Amazon's smart thermostat is back down to a record-low price for Black Friday.
$42 at Amazon

Amazon's thermostat lacks some bells and whistles. For example, it doesn't have a built-in microphone and speaker, or support remote sensors. It also doesn't work with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. But if Alexa is already your smart home platform of choice, Amazon's thermostat is a dirt-cheap option that works with most existing 24V HVACs (the most common for residential systems).

For an entry-level offering, it offers a surprisingly sleek and modern design. Its rounded-rectangle shape is similar to ecobee's offerings, while its color scheme mirrors Google Nest products.

Amazon partnered with Honeywell Home for the thermostat, which lets you create routines, set temperatures manually (including remotely), or lets Alexa handle it for you. Additionally, it's Energy Star-certified, and Amazon claims it can save you around $50 on your power bills each year. After signing up, Amazon will even send you an email with details about available rebates from local energy providers.

Installation should be easy, but Amazon includes a "check compatibility" tutorial on the product page that guides you through various details to ensure it will work. One crucial point to check is whether your existing thermostat setup has a C-Wire. If not, you'll want to choose the bundle that includes an adapter.

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