Amazon's smart thermostat drops back to its all-time low of $48

That's 20 percent off the regular price.


Amazon's smart thermostat is once again on sale. The device, which Amazon released in November, has dropped to $48. That's 20 percent off the regular price.

Buy smart thermostat at Amazon - $48

The smart thermostat is a lower-cost alternative to models from other companies, such as Google's Nest lineup. It works with Alexa, of course, though there's no on-board microphone or speaker. You'll need to use a different Alexa-enabled device to control it with your voice. You can also adjust the settings remotely using the Alexa mobile app, which could be handy for heating up your house on a cold day right before you return home.

The device uses Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology. It's also Energy Star-certified, meaning it's required to save users around $50 worth of energy bills per year. As such, the cost of the device should be more or less covered within 12 months of use.

The features aren't quite as in-depth as what you'd find on a Nest thermostat, but for those on a stricter budget, it could do the trick. Before you buy it, Amazon recommends using its compatibility tool (which you'll find on the product page) to make sure the smart thermostat will work in your home and to find out whether you'll need a C-wire power adapter.

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