Amazon's Blink Mini two-pack is on sale for only $30 for Prime Day

Get two of the wired security cameras for the price of one.


Amazon has discounted most of its Blink wireless security cameras for Prime Day this year, but one of the best deals is on the budget-friendly, wired version of the camera. You can pick up a two-pack of Blink Minis for only $30 right now, which is more than half off the original rate. Along with that, you can grab a Blink Indoor kit for as low as $55, an Outdoor kit for only $60 and a Blink Video Doorbell for $35.

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If you're on the fence about choosing the Blink system for your home, giving a Blink Mini a try is a great place to start. Not only are they the most affordable of the bunch, but they also include most of the features the standard Indoor and Outdoor cameras have. The biggest drawback is that the Minis are wired, so you'll have to place them inside and need an outlet. Otherwise, they act much the same as the regular Blink cameras do, recording 1080p video, sending you motion alerts and supporting two-way talk. The Minis also have infrared night vision for clearer nighttime footage, plus Alexa support.

For those that already have Blink cameras around their home, Prime Day offers the chance to pick up a couple more at the best prices possible. Both the Indoor and Outdoor cameras have all of the features that the Blink Mini does, plus they're completely wireless. That makes it much easier to place them anywhere around your home, especially if you have the right mounting accessories to pair with them. Both versions run on AA batteries that will last up to two years before they need replacing, and the Outdoor models are weather-resistant, too.

Amazon recently expanded the Blink system to include a Video Doorbell, which is essentially a cheaper version of a Ring doorbell. Blink's has a slimmer profile and can be installed either wired into your doorbell's hardware or wirelessly. Just like the cameras, the Video Doorbell records in 1080p, will send you motion alerts and lets you speak to people at your front door using its two-way audio feature.

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