Amazon's early Black Friday sale knocks Blink cameras down to as low as $20

Most configurations of the wireless cameras are at all-time-low prices.

Blink's security cameras have the benefits of being small, wireless and relatively affordable, and you can grab most of them for less during Amazon's Black Friday sale. Both Indoor and Outdoor models have been discounted so you can grab a one-camera kit of either for $50 and $60, respectively. Most packs are on sale, too, so you can grab enough to outfit a good portion of your home and save a decent amount of money while doing so. Also, the wired Blink Mini is down to $20 in this sale, which is a record-low price.

Buy Blink Indoor at Amazon - $50 Buy Blink Outdoor at Amazon - $60 Buy Blink Mini at Amazon - $20

You only have to decide if you want to put Blink cameras inside or outside your home before you buy them. Aside from the weather resistance on the Outdoor models, the cams are basically the same. Both record 1080p video, have infrared night vision, support two-way audio and send motion alerts to your phone. Two-way audio lets you chat with whomever (or whatever) is on the other end of the camera while motion alerts will keep you posted about any movement the camera's detect, be it a deliveryman or a rogue bird. Plus, these cameras support Alexa voice commands, so if you have an Echo Show device, you can ask it to show you the video feeds from any of your Blink cameras.

If you're unsure about going all-in on these cameras, the Blink Mini is a cheap way to try them out first. It's not wireless like the standard cams, but it has most of the same features and is even more compact. It'll record in 1080p and it supports two-way audio, motion alerts and Alexa — you'll just have to make sure you place it close to an outlet in your home.

Amazon also knocked down the prices of its Eero 6 routers for Black Friday. The Eero 6 is down to $77 whi;e the Eero Pro 6 is on sale for $171. While both support WiFi 6, the Eero Pro 6 can cover up to 2,000 square feet with just one router while the Eero 6 has a more modest 1,500 square feet of coverage. Also, the Pro 6 is a tri-band router and will be better for speeds up to a gigabit, whereas the dual-band Eero 6 supports speeds up to 900 Mbps.

Buy Eero 6 at Amazon - $77 Buy Eero Pro 6 at Amazon - $171

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