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Amazon's Echo Dot comes with a smart plug for less than the speaker on its own

The $28 bundle could help you start a smart home.


This is one of your best chances to set up a smart home on a budget, or expand the one you have. Amazon is bundling the latest-generation Echo Dot with a Kasa Smart Plug Mini for only $28, or a whopping $45 off. That's less than the smart speaker by itself, and even undercuts the price of the brand new Echo Pop.

This bundle costs less than the price of the smart speaker on its own.

$28 at Amazon

The 2022 Echo Dot is our favorite budget smart speaker for a good reason: it sounds better than you'd expect at its regular price, let alone on sale. It's loud enough to fill a large room, and clear enough to do justice to your music. The Alexa ecosystem is also robust, so you won't have problems finding services and smart home devices (including the smart plug, of course) you can control with your voice. Toss in a temperature sensor and an Eero network extender and you might not feel the need to buy much more, at least if you're committed to Amazon's ecosystem.

We're also fond of Kasa smart plugs. They offer broad compatibility (you won't be locked into Amazon's world) and are generally easy to set up. That makes the Echo Dot bundle a good choice for turning on household devices (especially on schedules) without reaching for a switch. You might appreciate that if you need to run a light or appliance while you're on summer vacation.

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