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Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $18 during Prime Day

Many other Fire TV devices are on sale.


Amazon's October Prime Day sale is still kicking, and right now, the company's Fire TV Stick Lite media streamer is touting a nice 40 percent discount. That drops its price to $18 from its usual $30, bringing it only a few dollars more than its all-time low. If you spend another $4, you can add a two-year protection plan, still taking home a savings of $9.

Amazon's 1080p media streamer is 40 percent off for its Prime Big Deal Days sale.

$18 at Amazon

Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite is already the cheapest option in the lineup and is a good choice for anyone looking to use a Fire TV without any bells and whistles. It has Wi-Fi 5 compatibility, 1GB of memory and Dolby encoded (versus Atmos) audio. It presents media in 1080p and comes with the Alexa Voice Remote Lite, which doesn't have any TV controls but can still take audio commands. Since it can't play 4K content, it's best used with an older or smaller secondary TV.

Additional Fire TV devices are also on sale if you're in the market for a higher-quality option. The previous generation 4K Stick is down to $23 from $50, a 54 percent deal — and a reminder that 2-for-1 and better deals are a great way to get your holiday shopping done early and affordably. The Fire TV Stick 4K offers improved picture quality, 2GB of memory and Dolby Vision compatibility. The standard Fire TV Stick is also marked down —to $20 from $40 — and the Fire TV Cube is available for $110 versus its typical $140.