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Amazon's Kindle falls back to $80 in e-reader sale

Its Paperwhite and Kids editions are also discounted.


The season of sitting outside in the sun and reading is upon us — and, fortunately, so is a sale on Kindle e-readers. Amazon is running a deal on its adult and kids Kindles, with the original model down from $100 to $80 — a 16 percent discount. At this price, the base model is just short of its all-time lowest offer.

It's currently 20 percent off. 

$80 at Amazon

The standard Kindle's 2022 edition brought some significant improvements, like a 300PPI display and up to six weeks of battery life. It also expanded from 8GB to 16 GB of storage, which Amazon says can hold "thousands of books." The compact e-reader has a six-inch glare-free screen and is a good compact option for carrying around without much extra weight (it's only about one-third of a pound).

Amazon's more advanced Kindle Paperwhite is another good option, with a 21 percent discount bringing the 8GB model to $110 from $140. Its 16GB version is only a few dollars more, with a 23 percent discount dropping it to $115. The Paperwhite has a slightly bigger screen (6.8 inches) than the base model, holds up to ten weeks of battery life and offers an adjustable warm light. It's also a good option if you plan to bring your Kindle to the beach or pool, as it's water-resistant. If you're looking for something with even more bells and whistles, the Paperwhite Signature is on sale for $145 from $190. It offers wireless charging, 32 GB of storage and an automatically adjusting front light.

The Kindle Kids standard and Kids Paperwhite editions round out the deals, with the 8GB base model dropping 29 percent to $85 from $120. The sale's largest discount comes courtesy of the Kindle Paperwhite Kids, dropping to $100 from $160 — a 38 percent discount. Each model offers the same features as its adult counterparts, plus a free year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

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