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Amazon's Kindle is down to $80 for Black Friday

You can also save big on other ereaders like the Kindle Paperwhite, Scribe and Oasis.

Amazon / Engadget

Amazon has ereaders aplenty on sale for Black Friday. You can get the entry-level Kindle for $80, close to a record low. In addition, the retailer has its higher-end Kindle Paperwhite for $120, the Kindle Scribe for $240 and the Kindle Oasis for $180.

Quick Overview

Get the latest version of Amazon's six-inch Kindle for $80.

$80 at Amazon

The latest Kindle, Engadget’s pick for the best budget reader in 2023, has a 6-inch display with a crisp 300ppi pixel density. Its screen is glare-free with a front light you can adjust to match your environment’s brightness. It’s also Amazon’s lightest and most compact Kindle, weighing only 5.56 oz (158 g) — about 23 percent lighter than the Paperwhite.

Typically $100, the Kindle’s $80 sale price approaches its all-time low of $65 from July Prime Day 2023. The device ships in black and denim (blue), includes a charging cable (but not a wall plug) and lasts an estimated six weeks per charge. Its sale price includes lock-screen ads: Although they’re pretty unobtrusive and won’t disturb your reading, you can pay more upfront or change your mind later and pony up (usually $20) to remove them through your Amazon account.

Kindle Paperwhite

Although the budget model will offer enough features for most people, the pricier Kindle Paperwhite adds a few extra perks. Its screen is bigger, at 6.8 inches. Its front light has more LEDs (17) for more even coverage, and it lets you adjust its warmth, making the illumination more yellowish or white to match your surroundings. It also adds IPX8 water resistance, meaning it can handle up to two meters of submersion for up to 60 minutes. In addition, its battery lasts an estimated 10 weeks. Usually $150, Amazon’s Black Friday sale has the Kindle Paperwhite for just $120.

Kindle Scribe

If you want a larger device that doubles as a digital notebook, the Kindle Scribe is also on sale. It has a 10.2-inch display and a bundled stylus for creating notes and annotating PDFs or books. Although its limited cloud syncing abilities have frustrated some customers, the device is cheaper than direct rivals like the reMarkable 2 and Boox’s various e-ink tablets — while including access to the Kindle Store. Typically $340, you can get the Kindle Scribe now for $240.

Kindle Oasis

Although the Kindle Oasis hasn’t been updated in a while, the 2019 model is still an option for those who like using physical page-turn buttons instead of tapping the screen. The 7-inch, 300 ppi ereader has a warm light (similar to the Paperwhite) to adjust its front light from white to amber. Like the Paperwhite, it’s also rated IPX8 for water resistance, and its design and weight distribution make it exceptionally comfortable for one-handed use. The typically $250 Kindle Oasis is on sale for Black Friday for $180, making it easier to justify paying for a (still lovely) four-year-old product.

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