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Amazon's latest smart speaker sale includes the Echo Studio for $160

The Echo Dot and the standard Echo are also discounted.

Photo by Billy Steele / Engadget

Many of Amazon's Echo smart speakers are on sale right now, including the biggest of the bunch, the Echo Studio. It's down to $160, which is 20 percent off and just $5 more than it sold for during Prime Day last month. That discount was only for Prime members, but anyone can take advantage of this deal. The Echo Dot and the standard Echo are also on sale, for $35 and $65, respectively. Neither matches its Prime Day low, but these are still 30 to 35 percent discounts.

Photo by Billy Steele / Engadget

The audio-focused Echo Studio is down to $160 instead of $200. That just $5 more than its all-time low price. 

$160 at Amazon

We mention the Echo Studio in our guide to the best smart speakers as an alternative to the Sonos Era 100 for those who already rely on Alexa. It's the largest smart speaker Amazon makes, weighing in at 7.7 pounds, and it uses that heft to deliver better audio quality than any other Echo. We gave it an 88 in our review, and noted the quality, hi-res sound that does justice to HD and lossless music — but also makes regular old Spotify tracks sound pretty good.

The second best deal in the sale is on Amazon's flagship Echo, which is $65 instead of its usual $100 after a 35 percent discount. That's about $10 more than it went for during Prime Day, but again, this price is open to anyone, not just people who pay for a Prime membership. We should note that it went for even less during Black Friday last year, and may do so again. But if you need another (or your first) Alexa speaker right now, this is a decent savings.

Amazon's most popular speaker, the Echo Dot is currently $35, which we named our favorite smart speaker under $50. The price is $12 more than during July's sale, when it was half price. The diminutive sphere puts out better audio than you'd think for its size and, like every Echo device, gives you access to Alexa's skills, jokes and smart home controls.

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