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Amazon's selling an Echo and Echo Dot bundle for $83 as an early Black Friday deal

Fill your house with the dulcet tones of Alexa for cheap.


Amazon just bundled together the fourth-gen Echo and the fifth-gen Echo Dot in a sale that represents significant savings for both devices. You can snag both for $83, which is a discount of nearly $70 if you bought each separately. The bundle’s even available in multiple colors, including white, blue and black. You can’t mix and match hues, however, for the contrast hounds out there.

The bundle includes the fourth-gen Echo, originally released in 2020. In our review, we said that the speaker “punches above its weight” and praised the reasonable price. Well, if the price was reasonable at $100, it’s certainly reasonable now. The Echo is more or less the gold standard when it comes to basic smart home speakers and gives you access to Alexa, premium sound quality (for a small ball that sits on a counter) and an easy-to-use microphone array.

We also noted that this thing sounds even better when paired with another device for the purposes of stereo or multi-room sound. That’s where the Echo Dot comes in.

The bundle also includes the fifth-gen Echo Dot. This speaker may not be as powerful as its older sibling, but it still offers plenty of nifty features, including surprisingly robust sound, a temperature sensor and built-in Eero capabilities. There’s a reason why it made our list of the best smart speakers. You can pair the Dot with the regular Echo for stereo sound in one room or for delivering audio to multiple rooms at once. It’ll be like the music is traveling with you, resembling the line at a highly personalized Disney ride.

It’s worth noting that both of these devices are a generation behind, as there’s a newer Echo Dot with a built-in clock and a fifth-gen standard Echo. Still, the bundle’s a pretty good deal.

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