'Among Us VR' delivers virtual backstabbing on November 10th (updated)

Betray your friends in the most immersive way possible.

Innersloth/Schell Games/Robot Teddy

After a bit of a wait, Among Us VR is nearly ready. Innersloth, Schell Games and Robot Teddy have confirmed the virtual reality betrayal game will be available November 10th on Meta Quest 2 and Steam. There's no mention of a PlayStation VR version in the announcement (we've asked Innersloth for comment), but this is still a big deal if you're hoping for a fresh take on the game's core concept.

As in the 2D version, Among Us VR asks crewmates to identify impostors before they kill the entire crew. However, the move to a first-person perspective shakes up gameplay. Impostors will now have an easier time sneaking around, and you can now use hand expressions when you accuse others or protest your innocence. If you've grown tired of plain Among Us, this might give you a reason to come back.

That "if" is important, of course. Among Us thrived in the early days of the pandemic, when it was one of the more entertaining ways to play and connect with your isolated friends. While it still has its audience, it's not the cult phenomenon it was in 2020. With that said, this may be a good example of what VR gaming can do — you can socialize with your buddies while running for your virtual life.

Update 10/12 3:40PM ET: Schell Games tells Engadget Among Us VR will be available for PSVR2 sometime after that headset is released.