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Netflix cancels 'Fuller House' after five seasons
Even though everybody stopped watching after the first.

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug and the world's leading cause of midlife crises. It makes otherwise rational entities do things like blow their retirement savings on sports cars, undergo unnecessary cosmetic surgery or, in Netflix's case: renew the Full House reboot, Fuller House, for an extra four seasons after everybody stopped caring. But that ends in 2019.

The show's fifth season will be its last, according to a report Friday by Variety. "We're saving the best for last," Candace Cameron-Bure, DJ Tanner on the show, told fans in a video released on social media. Netflix initially greenlit the series in 2015 and began airing episodes the following year to rave reviews. However, viewership took a nosedive at the start of the second season and never managed to recover. Still, that didn't stop the streaming service from pumping funding into the show, renewing the current Season 4 just last January. The final season will begin airing later this fall.