Android TV's next big update will improve picture-in-picture viewing

A beta update is already available for testers.

Nicole Lee/Engadget

Google isn't just showering affection on Android phones and tablets at I/O 2022. The company has detailed updates for Android 13 on TV, including one for living room multitaskers. On top of already announced plans to support casting from Android to Google TV, Google has revealed that Android TV will expand picture-in-picture viewing to show group call videos, add a docked mode and prevent chats from hiding content in other apps. You could catch up with family on a camera-equipped TV without blocking your web browser.

The future Android TV release will also support different keyboard layouts. That could be helpful for game developers who need to map input to non-QWERTY physical keyboards, Google said. You should also expect performance and quality boosts thanks to improved audio routing and HDMI responses.

Developers can grab Android 13 TV beta 2 today for either Google's ADT-3 kit or a computer-based emulator. You'll likely have to wait until later in the year for the finished Android TV update to arrive. As with Android 13 on mobile devices, this isn't a major overhaul — it's more of a refinement to help keep up with modern expectations.