Google simplifies the Android TV interface to focus on recommendations

It's bringing a taste of Google TV to everyone.


If you like the suggestions-driven interface of Google TV but would rather not buy the new Chromecast to get those suggestions, you won’t have to. Google has unveiled an updated Android TV interface that’s simpler, but should do more to help you find new content to watch. A new Discover tab offers Google TV-like recommendations for movies, shows and live TV across all your apps and subscriptions. You won’t be hurting for material if you’ve run dry.

The Home tab will remain familiar, but there’s also an Apps tab with a dedicated space to launch specific services and browse the Play Store.

The new tabs are rolling out now on Android TV devices in the US, Australia, Canada, France and Germany. More countries will have access in the “coming weeks,” Google said. It’s not a one-for-one recreation of Google TV, but it should provide a taste of that unified experience (not to mention more consistency) regardless of the device you’re using.