A full season of Animal Crossing events starts this Thursday

Plus, characters who will visit your island.


If you've been using Animal Crossing: New Horizons to escape some of what's going on in the world at the moment, you'll soon have more to do in-game. On April 23rd, the title’s latest free update arrives with a new slate of characters and seasonal events.

To start, Nintendo is adding two new non-playable characters who will visit your island to sell you items. The first is Leif the sloth. You may remember him from New Leaf. Like Kicks, he'll set up shop in the island plaza. You'll be able to buy shrubs and seeds from him, which you can then use to make your island look even greener.

The update will also mark the return of Jolly Redd. As he has done in past games, the sly fox will try to trick you into handing over your hard-earned bells by selling you items of questionable authenticity. If you buy a real sculpture or artwork from him, you can donate it to the Blathers' museum, which the update will expand to include an art gallery.

On the same day, New Horizons' Nature Day event will start. During the two-week event, there will be special Nook Miles challenges that will ask you to do things like plant trees and water flowers. Following Nature Day, they'll be three more events through to June.

During the first week of May, you'll be able to use a special one-time ticket at the island airport to fly to an island Nintendo says "looks different than the usual mystery tours." While there, the company teases you may meet a special visitor who looks familiar.

To celebrate International Museum Day, you'll have two weeks following May 18th to take part in a stamp rally. Collect all the various stamps and you'll earn an in-game reward.

Last but not least, there will be a wedding-themed event at the start of June. You'll be able to visit Harvey's island to meet Reese and Cyrus and take photos of their nuptials. All told, the update adds a lot to New Horizons. Up to this point, the only real change of pace players had to look forward to was the recently completed Bunny Day event.