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Anker power banks and wireless chargers are up to 43 percent off for the Amazon Big Spring Sale

The Anker Prime Power Bank is $55 off thanks to the Amazon spring sale.

Photo by Amy Skorheim / Engadget

Better weather is on the horizon and that means more time outside using your phone to capture all the beautiful blooms — but you don't to run out of battery mid-snapshot. Thankfully, Amazon's Big Spring Sale has proven to be a boon for Anker deals. A range of the company's products are currently on sale, including the Anker Prime Power Bank, down to $125 from $180. The 31 percent price cut makes one of our best power banks for 2024 much more accessible.

It's currently 31 percent off. 

$125 at Amazon
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$135 at Best Buy

Anker's Prime Power Bank is a great choice if you're sick of guessing how much juice your power bank has left. This premium portable charger digitally displays its battery percentage. The device can charge your iPhone to 75 percent in 47 minutes and to 100 percent in an hour and 48 minutes. An iPad clocks in at 54 percent after 47 minutes and 100 percent after two hours and 11 minutes. The charger has a sleek look for a high price point but the screen seems easily scratched.

Notably, the Prime Power Bank's sale doesn't include the charging base (that will cost you $235 for both), but it's not necessary. You can fully recharge the power bank in 37 minutes with a USB-C cord at 140W — faster than the base's 100W charging capabilities.

  • Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo with PopSockets Grip)


Other notable power banks included in Amazon's sale are Anker's 622 Magnetic Battery and 737 Power Bank. The 622 touts the largest discount of the group with a 43 percent cut bringing it's price to $40 from $70. It snaps right onto the back of an iPhone and provides up to 17 hours of battery life. The device, which is available in blue, also comes with a PopSockets attachment.

The Anker 737 Power Bank is a bit more expensive, with a 38 percent discount dropping its price to $80 from $130. However, it offers three charging ports (two USB and one USB-C) and works with laptops, iPhones and Androids. USB connections have 18W of power while the USB-C provides 60W.

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