PopSockets' latest iPhone grips are MagSafe-compatible

They include new grips that attach to MagSafe cases with magnets.


PopSockets became famous for phone grips that you can attach to the back of a device. It’s had to conjure up new types of products these past years as wireless charging became increasingly popular, though, such as the MagSafe-compatible line for iPhone 12 that it has launched at CES 2021. The new line includes three grips, the first of which (simply called PopGrip for MagSafe) attaches to iPhone 12 MagSafe cases with a magnet instead of an adhesive. That way, you can easily remove it when it’s time to charge. It also features a no-slip rubber bottom and swappable top, so you can change the way it looks whenever you want.

The PopGrip Slide Stretch, on the other hand, has “expanding arms” that mechanically attach to the sides of most cases. You can simply slide it toward the bottom of a phone when you need to charge or when you want to use it as a stand. The last grip, the PopGrip Slide for iPhone 12, works just like the PopGrip Slide Stretch, but it was specifically deigned to fit Apple’s silicone cases for the iPhone 12.

Aside from the grips, the new line also includes the PopWallet+ for MagSafe. It also attaches magnetically to MagSafe-compatible cases and can carry up to three cards. Finally, the company has announced two types of MagSafe PopMounts: one for car vents and one for various surfaces. Both attach to iPhone 12 cases with magnets, as well.

While PopSockets has yet to reveal how much the new products cost, it has a general release date for each one. PopGrip for MagSafe and PopWallet+ for MagSafe will launch in spring 2021, while PopMount for MagSafe will be out in the summer. PopGrip Slide Stretch will be available for purchase on March 21st through the company’s website and Target stores followed by PopGrip Slide, which you’ll be able to buy starting on May 1st on the PopSockets website and in Apple stores.

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