‘Apex Legends’ cross-play beta arrives on October 6th

EA wants you to ‘put the system through its paces’ while it’s in beta.


This summer, EA announced that cross-play was coming to Apex Legends. Now, we have a date. Cross-play will arrive in beta on October 6th, as part of the Aftermarket Collection Event.

Cross-play will allow players to join friends across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin -- as well as Steam when it launches and Switch when Apex Legends lands there. You’ll use the “Find Friend” tool to search for usernames across platforms and send friend requests. You’ll be able to see all friends in a menu that shows which platform they’re on, and in-game voice chat will work across platforms.

“During this cross-play beta please party up with your friends on all platforms, put the system through its paces, tweet, reddit, let us know if you’re enjoying cross-play, or what we should improve!” wrote Chad Grenier, Apex Legends game director.