'Apex Legends' Fight Night event formalizes in-game boxing with a new zone

A new zone in 'Apex Legends' limits the battle royale players to melee attacks only.

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Apex Legends

While Apex Legends isn’t a game made for hand-to-hand fighting, players occasionally settle the quest to become champion with an impromptu boxing match between the two remaining teams. Now that fight is going to be a part of the game, at least for a little while, as the Fight Night collection event rolls out during season seven.

The game’s developer, Respawn, has frequently added reshaped portions of the map around certain characters, and this “town takeover” is dedicated to Pathfinder, the robot with a collectible heirloom item of boxing gloves. The new area is a special zone where the usual guns. abilities and explosives are all disabled, limiting players to melee combat. There are also loot balls that you can punch out to collect high-level items, although they’re no use within the zone itself.

Another change on the map are loot MRVNs, robots that are a lot like Pathfinder. If you find one, it can spit out loot of varying tiers, and if you destroy it, you can take the robot’s arm to another robot and be rewarded with gold-level items.

Smaller tweaks include a damage nerf to the bust-fire Hemlok, as well as decreased cooldown times for Rampart and Caustic. The game is also adding a “mark all as seen” button so that you don’t have to click into each collectible item in your inventory to get rid of that annoying red dot, Ultimate Accelerants can be triggered by pressing your Ultimate button, and if a party member drops from the lobby it will return everyone to the “not ready” state.

A new developer stream is up talking about all of the changes in full, before they go into effect starting at 11 PM ET on January 5th.

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