Amazon and Walmart are both matching a $200 AirPods Pro deal

The sale that started at B&H Photo is now available at other retailers.

Billy Steele / Engadget

Yesterday we saw B&H Photo drop the price of Apple’s AirPods Pro back down to $200 and today other retailers are matching that. Amazon and Walmart have followed suit, discounting Apple’s best sounding wireless earbuds to $200. We’ve seen this sale price come and go a handful of times over the past couple of month and it’s not surprising that it’s popping up again now as we move deeper into the holiday shopping season.

Buy AirPods Pro at Amazon - $200 Buy AirPods Pro at Walmart - $200

Wireless earbuds make solid gifts and the AirPods Pro are best for those who are deeply entrenched into the Apple ecosystem. We gave them a score of 87 in part because they work so well with iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. The H1 chip inside of the buds help them quickly pair with new Apple devices as well as switch between them so you can listen on any of your devices at any time.

We also appreciate the solid sound and active noise-cancellation quality in the AirPods Pro. They sound much better than standard AirPods and their ANC powers do a good job of reducing the noise around you. They also have a feature called Transparency Mode that lets you quickly disable ANC when you need to hear someone speaking to you, and jump back into your focus session just as swiftly. It also helps that AirPods Pro are a bit more universal when it comes to fit — thanks to their removable ear tips, they’ll fit more securely and comfortably in different ear shapes than standard AirPods.

This deal is a great one to grab if you have AirPods Pro on your holiday shopping list, either for a loved one or for yourself. Is it possible we’ll see an even deeper discount closer to Black Friday? It’s possible but probably not likely. The lowest we’ve seen AirPods Pro has been $190 on Woot a few weeks ago, and the typical discount we see can be between $200 and $230. It’s possible that this $200 sale price will return closer to Thanksgiving, but we recommend grabbing them now so you don’t miss the discount (and so you can safely cross one item off your shopping list).

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