Apple AirPods drop to $100 in early Black Friday sales

It's a new all-time-low price for the buds with their wired charging case.

Update 1:47pm ET: The AirPods’ $100 sale price has returned on Amazon.

Update 1:06pm ET: The AirPods on Amazon have gone back up to $129. Sam’s Club and Costco members can still grab the earbuds for $100. Early Black Friday deals like these tend to stick around only for a limited time, but we’ll update this post again if and when the deal comes back on Amazon.

If Apple’s classic AirPods are on your gift list this year, you’re in luck. The AirPods with wired charging case are down to $100 at Amazon and a few other retailers, which is a new all-time low. We last saw them drop to $115 during Amazon Prime Day last month, but this deal saves you an additional $15 and represents a total discount of $60 off their original price. Currently, Sam’s Club and Costco are matching the deal, but keep in mind that those prices are typically reserved for club members.

Buy AirPods at Amazon - $100 Buy AirPods at Sam’s Club - $100 Buy AirPods at Costco - $100

Most people know the deal with AirPods by now, but we’ll recap for you. These are Apple’s original wireless earbuds that were updated last year with some new internals. They have a similar design to the company’s classic EarPods that used to come with new iPhones, so if you liked the fit of those, you’ll probably like AirPods as well.

AirPods have decent sound quality and a good battery life. Engadget’s Chris Velazco was able to get around five hours of music-listening out of them, and he noticed improved battery life when it came to taking phone calls with the AirPods. The charging case that comes with the AirPods typically provides four to five extra full charges, so unless you truly run them ragged, it’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself with totally dead earbuds. The models on sale unfortunately do not come with a wireless charging case, but you’ll get a speedier charge using a cable anyway.

Where AirPods truly shine is in their connection with Apple products. The improved H1 chip inside helps them quickly and seamless pair with iPhones as soon as you open the charging case to take them out for the first time. After that, you can switch between listening on your iPhone, iPad and Mac in just a few seconds. At $100, AirPods will make a great gift for any diehard Apple fan on your list (if they don’t already have a pair right now) or any iPhone user in need of a new pair of earbuds.

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