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Apple AirTag 4-pack is back to $85 at Adorama

The bundle costs $14 less than retail.


You can grab a four-pack Apple AirTag for $85 again, if you missed your chance to do so last time it was on sale for the same price. Previously, you could get the discounted AirTags on Amazon and Walmart — now, it's Adorama that's selling the four-pack bundle for $14 less its usual price. It's a great deal if you're looking to keep track of several belongings, such as keys, wallets or the suitcases you're checking in whenever you fly. The bundle also remains unavailable on Apple's Amazon storefront, so here's your chance to grab it at a discount.

Apple AirTag 4-pack is down $14 at Adorama.

$85 at Adorama

AirTags are, perhaps, the best tracking device you could use if you have an iPhone. They come with Apple's U1 ultra-wideband chip that enables precise tracking for more recent iPhones, so you could more easily find where your item is with the distance and directions you'll see on your phone. You could also make the AirTag play sounds through the Find My App to help you look for your items. If whatever you're tracking is out of range, a network of nearby Apple devices can detect the Bluetooth signals AirTags give out and upload their location to iCloud, allowing you to find your belonging.

One downside to using AirTags is that they don't come with a built-in keyring or attachment. They're coin-like devices with no holes or hooks either. To help with that issue, we put together a list of accessories you could use to attach the AirTag to your items, including cases, holders and mounts with clips and straps.

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