Apple Arcade's upcoming additions include 'Tetris' and 'Monster Hunter' games

You'll also see classics like 'Neko Atsume' and 'Jetpack Joyride.'


Apple Arcade is expanding its game selection, and it once again includes a mix of brand new (if familiar) originals and well-established classics. The all-you-can-play service will "soon" add Tetris Beat, an Arcade original from N3twork that blends Alexei Pajitnov's line-clearng puzzles with rhythm game elements. The more you keep to the rhythm, the larger your combos get. The soundtrack includes well-known names like Alison Wonderland and Hannah Diamond, among others, so you might enjoy it just for the music.

The other upcoming title, Monster Hunter Stories (below), will be more than a little familiar — it's a years-old adaptation of the turn-based Capcom RPG that made its debut on the 3DS. The game flips the usual premise on its head by making you a "rider" that forms ties with some monsters rather than hunting them down.

'Monster Hunter Stories' from Apple Arcade on iPhone

Two more veteran games will join the mix. Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride makes the endless runner (flier?) available without worrying so much about in-app purchases, while Neko Atsume offers serene cat collecting as a foil to the other, more frantic games in the collection.

As before, Apple isn't counting on any one game to draw you to Arcade. Like past additions, these latest entries are more about making a stronger overall case for Apple's $5 per month service — you might be more likely to sign up (or get it as part of an Apple One bundle) if you know titles like Tetris Beat and Monster Hunter Stories are just a quick download away.