Apple is offering teachers a free coding course

It hopes to supplement the need for computer science educators in the US.


To help advance computer science education in the US, Apple is launching a new, no-cost coding course for teachers. The course is offered through Develop in Swift, Apple’s educational coding program geared toward high school and higher ed students.

“The course is designed to supplement the need for computer science educators in the US, and helps instructors of all skill levels build foundational knowledge to teach app development with Swift,” Apple wrote in an announcement.

Apple is also updating its Develop in Swift and Everyone Can Code curriculum and adding new resources for educators and parents. Both programs now include new books, which are available for free in Apple Books. The lessons will teach students important programming concepts used in app development.

Parents can find a new “Quick Start to Code” guide, which includes 10 coding challenges designed for students ages 10 and up. That’s in addition to Apple’s Learning from Home website, launched this spring, and its Apple Education Learning Series.

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