Apple hints at its first dual-port USB-C power adapter

You could fast-charge your iPhone while powering something else.

Wachiwit via Getty Images

Apple isn't exactly known for its cutting edge power adapters — it took ages for the company to embrace gallium nitride (for the current MacBook Pro), and it frequently stuck to basic 5W iPhone adapters while in-box chargers were still a thing. The company may be willing to explore 'new' territory, however. 9to5Mac and AppleInsider report that Apple briefly posted a support document for a "35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter" on its website. While this glimpse didn't include visuals or many details, the accessory would support the USB Power Delivery fast charging standard.

It's unclear whether the brick would use GaN or offer any special features. However, the 35W suggests this would be intended for mobile devices rather than Macs. You could fast-charge an iPhone 13 Pro Max (which supports up to 27W) while still leaving enough power for an Apple Watch or AirPods. Multi-port chargers aren't exactly rare in the third-party market, but this might be appealing if you insist on an official solution.

It's also uncertain as to when Apple might release the dual-port power adapter. This isn't the sort of product that would get screen time at an event like WWDC, and there's no guarantee it would debut in tandem with a higher-profile device. While this apparent slip-up might hint at an imminent launch, that debut could just as easily be months away.