Apple is giving away a few extra months of TV+ to some users

The deal will be available to users who signed up for TV+ in its first three months.


Apple is giving some of its TV+ subscribers a few extra months of its streaming service free of charge. The company has been offering free one-year subscriptions to the service with the purchase of new devices since TV+ launched last November. But now that those early users are set to reach the end of their initial free trial, Apple says it will add on as much as an extra three months.

Importantly, Apple isn’t offering this deal to everyone, and exactly how much extra time gets added to your subscription will depend on when you signed up. Anyone who got the free trial prior to January 31, 2020, will have their subscriptions extended until February 2021. So if you first signed up in November, you’ll get an extra three months, but if you signed up in January you’ll only get one additional month.

A similar deal also applies to people who paid for monthly or yearly subscriptions to TV+ before January 31, 2020. Monthly subscribers will get credits automatically applied to their accounts in order to extend their current subscriptions to February 2021. Likewise, annual subscribers who originally signed up before January 31, 2020 won’t need to renew again until February 2021. (Apple will email subscribers with exact details and dates ahead of time.)

According to TechCrunch, Apple says the extension is because the company “knows everyone is still looking at a tough winter ahead filled with COVID-related restrictions.” Though TechCrunch also points out that the extension could help pad out Apple’s subscriber numbers for another quarter. Whatever the motivation, though, it will be good news for anyone hoping to hang onto their free trial a little longer.