Apple got Prince William to record a 'Time to Walk' Fitness+ episode

The holiday-themed episode will air for free on Apple Music 1 as well.


Apple has brought in several high-profile figures for guest appearances on the Fitness+ series "Time to Walk." Among them are Dolly Parton, Randall Park, Camilla Cabello and Stephen Fry. To close out the second season, Prince William will make an appearance in a holiday-themed episode. He’ll discuss the importance of staying mentally fit as well as how listening can empower others.

Apple Fitness+ users can check out the 38-minute episode on demand starting on December 6th. There will also be a few free airings on Apple Music 1 — at 8AM GMT and PST on December 6th and 8AM in Sydney’s time zone on December 7th.

Apple will make donations to three mental health charities chosen by Prince William. They are Crisis Text Line in the US, Shout 85258 in the UK and Lifeline in Australia. The latter provides free, around-the-clock crisis support and suicide prevention services. Shout and Crisis Text Line offer people in crisis support via text.

"Time to Walk" episodes are recorded while notable people take a stroll outside or in areas meaningful to them. They share stories, photos and music, and discuss lessons they’ve learned and their perspective on gratitude and purpose, among other things. The idea is that Apple Fitness+ will listen to episodes via an Apple Watch and connected earphones while going for a walk themselves. For those using a wheelchair, the series is renamed "Time to Push," and episodes center around a wheelchair workout instead of a walk.

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