Apple reportedly wants podcast deals that can lead to TV shows

The company may have already signed one deal.

stockcam via Getty Images

Apple is no stranger to basing TV shows on podcasts, but it now appears eager to snap up that content as quickly as possible. Bloomberg sources claim Apple has signed a deal with Suave producer Futuro Studios that will fund podcasts in return for the first chance to turn any series into a TV+ movie or show. The tech company has also been negotiating comparable deals and spent as much as $10 million so far, according to the tipsters.

Past adaptations have focused on already popular shows like WeCrashed and The Shrink Next Door. The claimed Futuro agreement would go one step further by effectively granting Apple the rights to a series as soon as the company sees potential. It wouldn't have to risk losing a hit show or spending a fortune in bidding wars.

Apple's TV wing is reportedly leading the initiative, not the podcast team. That's not surprising, however. The firm has historically treated its podcast platform as a neutral ground where studios don't have to compete against Apple itself. First-party podcasts have typically been linked to TV+ productions like The Problem With Jon Stewart.

Both Apple and Futuro declined to comment. If the rumor is accurate, this is less about competing with podcast originals from Spotify and Wondery and more about beating streaming TV rivals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV+ could land more hits without paying a premium for the rights.