Apple’s HomePod mini won’t leave marks on your fancy wood furniture

Shelves and side tables everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.


Between its diminutive size and more affordable price tag, Apple’s new HomePod mini has a lot going for it over its $300 predecessor. But its greatest strength might be what it won’t do to your expensive furniture. That is, it won’t leave unsightly white rings on wood surfaces finished with oil or wax.

In a video spotted by MacRumors, former iMore editor Rene Ritchie says Apple addressed that shortcoming of the original HomePod’s design with its new smart speaker (jump ahead to the 3:28 mark to hear the relevant comment). There goes the cottage industry for HomePod coasters.

The HomePod’s propensity for defacing wooden furniture famously came into the spotlight shortly after its launch in 2018 when both consumers and review publications discovered the issue by accident. Apple was quick to acknowledge the design quirk. Thankfully, it was also easy to fix either with a soft damp cloth or by refinishing the surface.