Pandora is the first third-party music app to work on Apple's HomePod

An update to Pandora's iPhone app enables this new integration.

Chris Velazco / Engadget

When Apple unveiled the HomePod mini last month, the company showed off a long-awaited feature: the ability to use it with third-party music services. And as of now, Pandora is the first third-party music app to work with Apple’s existing HomePod as well as the upcoming HomePod mini. An update to Pandora’s iOS app is rolling out that lets you add the app the HomePod. If you’ve updated the Pandora app, you’ll find a new item in the settings menu: Connect with HomePod. From there, it just takes a few taps to give Pandora permission to work with the speaker.

This means you can ask Siri to do things like “play New Indie Radio on Pandora” and it’ll start playing your station directly on the speaker. Before, you could send audio from apps on your iPhone to the HomePod through AirPlay 2, which worked well enough, but this marks the first time you can initiate playback from services besides Apple’s own. It’s also possible to set Pandora as your default music service in the iOS Home app. Tapping the “home” icon in the top left, going to “home settings,” and tapping your avatar in the “people” section will give you options for setting a difference service as default.

At last month’s event, Apple showed Pandora as an example along with Amazon Music, so it’s safe to imagine we’ll see Amazon’s integration launch before long. But it seems that any developer can integrate this into their music or audio app — which means we could theoretically see Spotify do the same thing. And since Apple will let you assign another music service as default, the HomePod and HomePod mini should soon be on more equal footing with speakers from Amazon and Google.

Update 8PM ET: Added details on setting Pandora as the default music service on a HomePod.