iPhone 12 mini owners report unresponsive lock screens

The small phone isn't convenient for some users.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Some early iPhone 12 mini buyers are having a rough experience with their diminutive new handset. Users on MacRumors, Apple’s forum and Reddit report that the 12 mini’s touchscreen is partly unresponsive at the lock screen. They’ll not only have trouble launching the camera or flashlight, but even swiping up to unlock using their thumb. Other fingers work, but that’s not very helpful for a phone that’s built to be used one-handed.

A few users suspect the issue might come down to conduction or grounding. The issue sometimes appears to be fixed when the phone is plugged in or used without a case.

We’ve asked Apple for comment. It’s not clear just how widespread the issue is, but it’s common enough to be more than an isolated incident. Either way, it’s not the best start for an iPhone many see as the standout model in the lineup.

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