The next iPhone may boast a 120Hz display and better low-light photos

You could also expect improved Face ID and a big battery.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

The next batch of iPhones may include more standout features than a cosmetic redesign, 5G and LiDAR. EverythingApplePro and the historically accurate leaker Max Weinbach have shared (via 9to5Mac) a host of purported details for the 2020 iPhone revamp, particularly the “pro” models. These higher-end 6.1- and 6.7-inch handsets would reportedly pack 120Hz refresh rates similar to the Galaxy S20 and a handful of other rivals. Apple waited until this year for a speedy screen as it didn’t want a half-step like 90Hz, according to the rumor.

The new phones could also represent another large improvement in camera performance. They’d have improved low-light photography with quicker autofocus, better image stabilization and next-generation Smart HDR that reduces noise for dimly lit shots. There might be more photographic upgrades as well, such as the use of LiDAR to enhance autofocus, 3X optical telephoto zoom and refined digital zoom. Higher resolution might not be in the cards, though, as Apple is believed to be disappointed with autofocusing performance on a 64MP sensor it had been testing.

The base models would have ‘just’ two rear cameras and likely miss out on LiDAR and telephoto shooting, although they would still have OLED displays.

Other upgrades may be less dramatic but just as functional. The Face ID sensor array would not only get smaller, as previous rumors indicated, but work at wider angles — you’d have a better chance of unlocking your phone while it’s sitting on your desk. Big batteries might also be a staple of the lineup, with the 6.7-inch iPhone touting a battery over 4,400mAh (large by any standard) to handle both 5G and the 120Hz screen.

There’s no guarantee Apple will release these exact devices no matter how accurate the leaks may be. Last-minute changes or cancellations aren’t unheard of. If these devices do show up as depicted here, though, they’ll represent big strides forward in key areas, even if some of them amount to catching up with competitors.